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The Cranbrook Climate Hub was founded in 2020


Hub Declaration

We envision a thriving Cranbrook where residents and the environment are healthy, energy is affordable and comes from clean, renewable sources, and the economy is resilient and sustains us all, including future generations.

Our purpose is to empower residents to advance toward a low-carbon economy, through:

  1. Public communication and education on related topics.

  2. Community activities to engage city residents.

  3. Support for municipal policy and planning.

We want every level of government to take meaningful action on climate change.

We want to be involved in planning for sustainability.

And we are ready to take action ourselves, by being informed, making changes in our personal lives, and making our voices heard.

We wish to acknowledge that we are living and working on the homelands and unceded territory of the Ktunaxa Nation and express our gratitude to the Nation and Ktunaxa citizens for your ongoing legacy of leadership and reciprocity with all living things for millenia past, present and future. We invite and warmly welcome your participation.


Use this form to submit a project seeking volunteers or an event seeking participants.



Check out what the Hub's been up to, or submit a story using this form.


Ambassadors convene their community's members to decide on priority climate solutions, then rally support for those solutions in the community. Submit your candidature to become an ambassador for your community, or nominate someone else.

Drop us a line at cranbrook @

Check out the Climate Hub network at and our commitment as a member of the network here.

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