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    Accelerate climate action in your community

  • How It Works

    What if these local climate initiatives coordinated their efforts to maximize impact?


    Through broad stakeholder engagement, Hubs build public support for political leadership on climate change.


    Of the 3,608 local governments in Canada:


    <5% have set a GHG reduction target

    <1% have signed the UN Compact of Mayors

    <0.1% have committed to carbon neutrality by 2050

    International accords - though essential - are insufficient to achieve reduction targets. Citizens, businesses, and civil society actors must step up to support a just transition.

    Municipalities are key in the fight against climate change. They have jurisdiction over transportation, waste management, building bylaws and land-use planning, and can act as laboratories to experiment before solutions are scaled to provincial and federal levels.

    Hubs help unify voices around a shared vision for decarbonization and advance their communities along the milestone process set out by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities:

  • National Climate League

    Who's got game among Canadian cities?

    66 cities across Canada were featured in this year’s NCL Standings.

    Find out in the new 2021 Standings!

    Share the National Climate League 2021 Standings!


    National Climate League Stat Tracker

    A guide for citizens!


    We live in the information age, but still can't answer some of the most important questions. How does your city stack up to its peers on climate: a leader or a laggard?


    Find your city on the Hub map to see what has been submitted to the NCL Stat Tracker. Watch webinars on how to training webinars to learn to navigate the database visualize data, and speak to the media. Finally, provide feedback on the process and indicators to help improve next season.

    Submit Your Data 

    We want municipal data. A guide for cities.


    Data collection season runs from May to November, therefore, we invite you to contact us if you want to collect data in your community. Email Margo at mburgesspollet@climatereality.ca.  



  • Get Started

    Join a Hub to coordinate local climate initiatives in your community

  • Register for next webinar

    HUBFLIX Webinars

    Join experts in transportation, sustainable business, energy, urban planning, and public engagement to learn more about best practices that will inspire your community. Over 100 episodes to browse.


    Stories of #LocalAmbition happening across Canada (English and French).

  • Toolkit

    Get your Hub started here (anyone can do it!)


    Climate Hub webinar series

    Watch episodes you missed from both the Hub network and around the web


    Measure What Matters

    Play your part in the pre-season of benchmarking Canadian cities


    The sacred text of climate hubs

    This handbook brings together a wealth of resources to help get your Hub started and keep it going


    Help build a national network of local partnerships

    Hubs help coordinate organizations in their communities that are already taking action on climate


    Tell your climate story

    Climate Stories Project helps you communicate the need for solutions by telling your story



    Connect youth with support to drive climate action in your community


    Deepen your understanding

    These reference docs summarize best practices in a range of topics relevant to local climate action


    ATTN: Councillors & city staff

    Consult resources developed with you in mind from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and ICLEI

    Kitchen Table Climate Conversations

    Spark dialogue with neighbours

    Set up a "KTCC" with neighbours to discuss steps forward to meeting the climate challenge

    TRUTH IN 10

    Start a conversation

    Use this powerful slide deck to spark conversations with friends, family, or your municipal council


    Step by step from A-Z

    The mandate and activities of a typical Hub (but there's no one-size-fits-all)


    Videos to educate & inspire

    Discover how cities are leading on climate & what role citizens are playing in pushing them forward

  • Who We Are

    At the core of each Hub are citizens from all walks of life committed to solving the climate crisis, including over 1648 Climate Reality Leaders who form the Canadian contingent of an international community of over 42,000 global citizens.

    Get the latest on the science & solutions

    Invite a Climate Reality Leader to present & spark a discussion in your community group, business, educational institution, or faith community. Click here to book a presentation.

    241 Canadians trained in 2021

    Due to COVID-19, the last few trainings have taken place virtually. To date, over 42,000 Climate Leaders have been trained to communicate the science of and solutions to climate change.

    Sign up here to be notified when the next training is announced.


    Regional Organizers

    Making connections and sparking solutions

    Hub Captains rely on their Regional Organizer (See Handbook pg 15) to navigate the trove of resources available to achieve their Hub's objectives. Coaches, allies, and cheerleaders, Regional Organizers ensure Captains are well equipped and plugged into the right networks to make change inevitable. You'd like to join the team? Details here!

  • Hubs

    A diversity of experts and engaged citizens are joining forces across Canada to locally tackle climate change.Do you want to join them? Check out the Community Climate Hubs:

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